2020 Pool Season

We are happy to announce that the Landen Meadows community pool will open for the season on Thursday June 4th! As you know, these are extremely challenging times and we are all trying to navigate a new normal amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We have an amazing community in Landen Meadows and the amenities are at its heart.  As a board of directors, we have been working hard with Carolina Pool Management along with state and local health departments to develop new protocols that will allow us to safely open our pool this summer.

PLEASE READ all of this information carefully to make sure you fully understand all new protocols and restrictions.

This summer we will be utilizing a Signup Genius reservation system that will allow residents to reserve one table per household for a three-hour block of time. One of the biggest benefits of the reservation system is to ensure ahead of time that there will be room for you at the pool.  We do not want people to pack up and lug everything to the pool only to be told that it is already at capacity. This should allow you to soak up the sunshine without any uncertainty or frustration. We are allowed by the state to have 48 people in the water at one time and will allow no more than 60 people to reserve spots during each block. There will be 10 numbered tables/umbrellas available and you will be allowed a maximum of 6 residents per reservation. This will provide up to 180 residents use of the pool every day.

2020 Wristbands will be distributed on the following dates by HOA board members and/or volunteers. You will need to bring a filled-out wrist band request form, renter’s authorization form if renting, and a picture ID.  If you paid dues after June 1, 2020 you may also need a receipt, card statement or other form of payment verification.  Please adhere to 6ft social distancing guidelines while waiting for bands.

  • June 4, 2020 11am-1pm and 6pm-8pm
  • June 5, 2020 6pm-8pm
  • June 7, 2020 2pm-4pm

If you are not able to pick your bands up during these times please email LandenMeadowsHOA@gmail.com to arrange an alternate time.  Lifeguards will not be distributing bands

Please keep in mind that we are all walking through a time that is new and very different for all of us. Let’s continue to remind everyone why Landen Meadows is such a great place to live.  If you have a neighbor that needs assistance with Sign Up Genius or you think they may not get the email, please reach out to help them. We know this is a tough and frustrating time for many, but let’s choose to come together as the amazing community we are. We do not expect things to go perfectly as we start this new process, so please exercise patience and compassion as we try to make this a safe and fun summer for everyone.  It’s almost summertime and our pool is (almost) open.

Please make sure you visit our pool information page to refresh on general rules and learn about additional rules we have put in place to make everyone as safe as possible. Your cooperation is very much appreciated!

The opening of the pool does NOT guarantee safety or eliminate risk of the contracting the Covid-19 virus.  Your health and safety are your own responsibility, and you should make informed decisions based upon personal preference and all governmental mandates, CDC, and health department recommendations. Neither the Board, nor the HOA as an entity, is responsible for your health.


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