Frequented Contacts

Police Department (Office) – Use 911 for Emergency – Otherwise:
Community Police Coordinator – Non-Emergency
Officer P.M. Grant , South Division, Response Area 2
Community Coordinator
8050 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 100
Charlotte, NC, 28226 , (704) 544-4835

Fire Station – Use 911 for Emergency – Otherwise

Tennis Courts
The combinations for the locks on the gates are changed periodically.
If you cannot gain access, contact Cedar 704-644-8808 or email

Landen Meadows Homeowner’s Association Management Company
As of July 1, 2014, all homeowner inquiries should be sent to Cedar Management. Contact information can be found HERE

Garbage / Yard Waste Collection and Preparation – Click Here – For Link to Website
– LM Garbage Collection is Weekly, starting at 6 AM each Wednesday .
– Recycle waste (Green Container) is collected every other week.
– Be sure to remove containers from the curb at the end of the day and store in an approved LM area.

Garbage – Special Pickup

Links to Local School Websites
Hawk Ridge Elementary
Community House Middle School
Ardrey Kell High School

The Ballantyne Breakfast Club Meetings

Landen Meadows Current Year Budget
If you OWN a home in Landen Meadows, you can request that a copy of
the Current Year’s Budget be sent to your email address.
Please include your full legal name, house address and phone, put “BUDGET” in the subject, and email to

Subscribe to Crime Watch Service

City Services – Find them easy via Charmeck 311
Digital Phone or can’t Dial 311 – Dial 704.336.2673

Street Lighting
Duke Power – 1.800.777.9898
Street light Repair Website

Animal Control
Strays, Dangerous or Wild Animal Disturbances, etc.

Neighborhood Traffic Management
Link to Charmeck Website

Noise Control
Barking Dogs, Early or after hours noise disturbances, etc.
Reference County Noise Ordinance, Sec 15-71

City Council District 7 Representative
Ed Driggs, Email Ed

Call Before You Dig

Sidewalk Repair
Charlotte DOT
Tel: 704.366.2261
Please Note: Although the city pays for 100% of sidewalk repairs, property owners are responsible for ensuring
that their sidewalk is cleared of debris. City ordinances forbid obstructing sidewalks.
If a resident reports such a problem to the transportation department, it will inspect and notify property owners
to clean it up. Call 704-336-2261 for more information.

Charlotte Mecklenburg DOT
Tel: 704.336.3893

Road Construction
Tel: 704.845.1151