Trees and Lawncare

Revised as of AUGUST 12, 2015

Please Note: The latest information on replacement trees was mailed in a letter to all LM residents on August 12th, 2015. Please refer to that letter for further details & instructions.

As of August 12th , 2015, The following REVISED LIST of trees have been approved by the Board as replacements for the Bradford Pears.
If you would like to replace your tree with one that is not on the list, please submit an ARC request for the replacement and wait on written approval to replace the tree. The ARC form is avialbe HERE, or by emailing

1. Red Maple
– a. October Glory or Red Sunset),
– b. Trident Maple (Sugar Maple)
– c. Brandywine
2. Oak (any type)
3. Pear Trees (Chanticleer or Cleveland)

The vendor recommends a tree of 1.5 inch to 2 inch caliper (measured up 4 feet from the dirt line / root ball and it should be at least 10 feet tall. Trees can be planted at any time but watering practices have to be good. If you know you will not be able to water as you should, the vendor recommends waiting for the rainy season to plan, usually beginning in November. The vendor can offer “Gator Bags”. They cost about $35 each and are reusable. This is a bag that zips around the tree and hold 25 gallons of water. You fill it every 3-4 days and it drips slowly to keep the ground moist.”


This plan is compliments of Bryan Pilkington at Heritage Landscaping. Remember- it is your responsibility to maintain your yard; cut, trimmed and weed controlled. As we work through the summer and into the planting season this will become a focus area for the Architectural Committee.

In Bryan’s Pilkington’s Words ……….
“I have developed a schedule for Turf Type Tall Fescue (this is what 99% of you have in your yards) that even the most inexperienced gardener can follow. It does not require a great deal of commitment or money to make your yard look professionally manicured. We at Heritage can perform any of the below applications. If interested, please call or email us at .”

Application Date
1. Mid Feb 19-3-7 LESCO Pre-emergent with Dimension
2. Mid April 13-5-7 LESCO Pre-emergent with Dimension
3. May 20th – June 15th 5-10-31 LESCO with 5-10% Iron (FE)
Spray weed killer on weeds in early August. You need to wait 4 weeks so residual effect of weed killer will not affect the new seed you apply in September.
4. Early September 18-24-12 Starter Fertilizer
Aerate & Seed. Use LESCO Transition Blend or TRI-GOLD Premium Seed.
5. Late October 13-13-13 Fertilizer or others with 3 equal numbers
6. Late November – Mid December 32-0-0 or 32-5-12 .. or any high Nitrogen Mixture (Nitrogen is the first Number)
Apply Lime as needed per soil test, usually 50 lbs. per 1000 square ft. ALWAYS use Calcite Lime pellatized. This step can be done any time of year, although most landscapers prefer January.

More Details about the Lawn Care Plan …………….
“First step; pre-emergent-this is the first treatment of the year. It sets the tone for the yard for the rest of the year.
Next a 2nd round of pre-emergent is needed. This step will take your yard through summer with hardly any weeds. The third step is an iron treatment to help get the turf a nice deep green color before the late May or early June heat hits. Then during the hottest month, August, we spray out unwanted weeds and grasses such as crab grass and Bermuda. This step is not necessary-but recommended. After that we place the starter fertilizer down the 1St or 2nd week of September. At the same time you do this step, you will need to aerate and over-seed all areas of the turf. You will need to skip mowing for 2-3 weeks during this period while watering daily to insure proper seed germination.”.

“Exactly 8 weeks after aeration, seed and fertilizer, apply a balanced feed such as 13-13-13 or 20-20-20 to all areas in the yard. The next step is the last fertilizer step-it is the winterizer. It is done the last week of November to the second week of December. The only other application is Lime. I only use Calcite Lime. You will need to have soil Ph tested to determine how many pounds per thousand square feet you would need. A safe bet is 50 pounds per thousand square feet every 2 years. All of these products listed above can be purchased at The Home Depot or at LESCO Fertilizer Corporation in Pineville. Lesco’s address is in Pineville off Industrial Blvd. Their phone number is 704-553-9779.”